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From animation to script , get the recommendations needed

Explainer Video can make your brand stand apart from your competitors

Describing and illustrating your business is super easy with an explainer video. Whether you are looking for colorful 2D animations, a simple whiteboard or a live-action shoot, Pick the type of explainer video that will best describe the complexity of the service you offer to your targeted audience in following steps.

  • Step A: Compile and Write script
  • Step B: Develop a storyboard
  • Step C: Record a voice over
  • Step D: Finalize and create an explainer video

Step A: Compile and Write script

Script that will give you result

Writing script is the starting step to getting your message across the customer. With the aid of professional scriptwriting, you will be able to deliver a clear and compelling vision that nails down the essential elements of any script. Your story’s tone can be informative, entertaining, or…both! Your story’s setting can have a clean or colorful background to best showcase your product. The length of your video should depend on your needs and purpose (no matter the length, 130-150 words per minute are recommended). Lastly, keep it realistic by speaking to your audience like you would to a real person.

Step B: Develop a storyboard

Storyboard that delivers

Storyboards are an discretionary but helpful step toward getting all of your bases substituted. Work with a storyboard artist to conceive your product’s capability and outline it scene by scene to produce the foundation for your video. Show your script to help your animator understand the vision, setting, and material proportions demanded to get your concept right.

Step C: Record a Voiceover

Voiceover that conveys your brand

Your story deserves the right voice to reach your target customers, and a professional voice over artist will bring the personality to your brand. Connect to your customers with a tone that’s friendly and delightful or entertaining and advising, and pick the right age and/ or gender to match. pack over your script with all the necessary information about your product and purpose, and let your voice actor turn it into a story. For live action explainers, voice overs are non mandatory; consider whether or not they fit with the style before committing to one.

Step D Finalize and create an explainer video

Explainer video that explains your brand

Turn all the other track into one masterpiece. Pick the type that will best communicate the style of your business, and the complexity of your subject. A 2D animated explainer is your chance to nail every visual detail in pictorial dazzling color. A whiteboard explainer can unfold your story, while keeping it clean and clear. A live action explainer provides reality for your customers to relate to. No matter which category you choose, be sure to add finishing touches that will enhance every other element, from capturing and supplemental audio to in- focus details that shouldn’t be missed

Step E Create an explainer video from scratch

Animated Explainer Video that Speaks your Brand

If collaborating with different specialists for each artistic feature for the final explainer video isn’t how you prefer to get things done, consider handing over your needs to us. We can cover all of your bases and work with you every step of the way to ensure that your explainer video exceeds your expectations.

Sample of Explainer Video